1. How do I get Progility to give me a quote for goods required by my company?

Simply email or phone us with as many details as possible. We will then quote you, including all associated costs. Depending on where the goods are located, this will include QAQC, shipping, import, customs, currency conversion, and delivery to you.

2. Can I place an international order?

Yes. We have a global network that we can access to ensure our clients obtain the best price and most efficient lead-time.

3. Can I pay in a different currency?

Yes. We have accounts in the world’s major currencies, plus ancillary accounts for over 38 currencies.

4. How can Progility source and supply goods faster than other suppliers?

Distributors often ship in bulk to locations. If they run out of stock, it usually means an extended time for the next shipment. We aim to offer direct purchase from as close to the point of manufacture as possible.

5. Are my goods insured?

Progility has a highly robust coverage that typically far exceeds any requirements. However, if you have specific requirements, please contact us to discuss.